Saturday, December 31, 2011

Intentions for the New Year

Here is the list of specific intentions that I have come up with so far for 2012. The list was prompted a bit early this year by a friend's Facebook call for folks to share with each other.

1) Develop creative, transformative work that support me financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

2) Cultivate gratitude daily.

3) Finish one of the book projects I have in mind.

4.) Be fully open to new relationships in their many forms.

5). Take more intelligent risks.

In the past, I have written about the reasons I don't do New Year's "resolutions," the most important being that they tend to skim the surface. Everything on the list above has come up repeatedly over the past several weeks during meditation and/or other practice circumstances, and three of the five are basically carry overs from the list I made last year.

One of the yoga teachers in my teacher training program reminded me, during a yoga nidra session yesterday, that we can all go deeper. To look beneath for something that encompasses all the rest of your intentions. And so, as I settled in to the nidra practice, this arose:

I trust that the universe is providing what I need.

There's not much else I feel compelled to say. May you have an excellent new year, and may your greatest intentions come to fruition.

p.s. I did a modified version of fellow Zen blogger Maia's intention process last year, and will do some more work with a few of her questions later this evening. Specifically, the letting go question. Go take a look at her post if you're interested in deepening your intention setting practice.


spldbch said...

I like the distinction you make between intentions and resolutions. I think intentions are more meaningful than resolutions. An intention is something you revisit repeatedly, again and again. Intention is a process. You identify an intention and recommit to it day after day.

Happy New Year to you!

Algernon said...

Yes to the above!

Nathan said...

Happy New Year to both of you!

Kris said...

It's been fun to read various "New Year's" posts reflecting on the past and looking ahead. I like your #2— cultivate gratitude. I'd like to make that a daily practice, somehow, maybe a little book... and a fountain pen... some sketches, too...

Thanks for being here, Nathan. Happy New Year!