Sunday, December 29, 2013

Below Zero Zen

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The dark days of winter are fierce here in Minnesota. Yesterday, temperatures above freezing. Today, it's over 40 degrees colder and dropping.

Life can feel like this weather. Fluctuating rapidly. Without the ability to feel the deep, universal pulse within yourself, and all around, these changes will burn you in one way or another.

It's vitally important to explore the rough edges that appear in your life. To not automatically default into a view that says feeling depressed or sad or upset means you're faulty or broken somehow. Yes, some of us fall too deeply into despair or rage, for example, and need intensive help of some sort. However, this modern world is littered with psychologists and spiritual programs emphasizing self improvement and "feeling good" in various forms.

Wanting a happy life is totally fine. Cultivating joy and gratitude in whatever small and great ways you can is recommended.

Yet, truly living this life means embracing it all. Letting everything flow through you. Not saying yes to what looks good, and saying no that which feels broken or scares the hell out of you.

Even the freezing cold. The sun setting at 5pm. This, too, is you. And tomorrow it will be gone.


Anonymous said...

I heard it will be below zero on New Years Eve in Minnesota. Stay warm... Are you visiting friends? Happy new Year!

Nathan said...

Thanks. Yep, it's really frigid here right now. Not sure what I'll be doing to ring in the new year. Happy New Year to you too!