Thursday, June 24, 2010

Australia's Amazing Political Upheaval

Falling asleep last night, I heard the news about Australia's new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. It's astonishing to think that a non-religious, single, pro-trade union woman could oust an up until recently popular leader before an election, but it happened in Australia. The worldly winds are certainly blowing about, aren't they?

I can't imagine anything like this happening in the U.S. Almost everything about Gillard, including her gender, would render her unelectable here in the "great democracy" we call the U.S. If you think I'm being dramatic, go talk to Hillary Clinton, who spent a good two years listening to idiot, genderized comments that had nothing to do with her skills as a leader.

Even if Gillard turns out to be yet another politician maintaining the status quo, it's still amazing that she's been given the opportunity to lead, to show a nation that you need not be "traditional," religious, and/or male to be a leader. I wish her well, and would love if she ends up being an example for us all to learn from.

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