Friday, June 17, 2011

The Vancouver Kiss

I imagine many of you heard about the riots in Vancouver a few days ago, following the end of the Stanley Cup hockey finals. The Vancouver Canucks, even with the home ice advantage, lost. And madness ensued, leaving nearly 150 hospitalized, and hundreds of thousands of Vancouverites wondering what in the hell happened to their beautiful city.

Given that, the photo above, taken during mayhem offers a bit of a silver lining perhaps. Or maybe it's just an awesome moment captured by an attentive photographer. In any event, I like it!

You can read more here.


Claudia said...

that is an incredible picture!

BK Max said...

Apparently the girl was pushed down by rioters, at any rate ,he bent down to make pick her up and make sure she was all right. Either way the photographer was in the moment to be sure. The riot was less about a hockey game and more about opportunists that take advantage of a crowd to raise mayhem.