Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Generosity

"Remember the deep root of your being ...Give your life to the one who already owns your breath and your moments." Rumi - The Real Work

Even though it is cold outside, I can feel the stirring of energy within. A heat at the core, trying to break through to the extremities.

A few days ago, I joined Twitter. Like with many other things in my life, I stood on the sidelines watching what was happening for a long time before deciding the plunge in was what my life called for.

Some might say joining a social network online isn't a big deal. And I would agree. It isn't.

However, if you're trying to work from the place Rumi speaks about above, then such small decisions are reflections of larger, consciously built patterns, and not merely random impulses.

Truly giving your life over to the transforming world we live in requires a refinement born of both personal effort and allowing yourself to be exposed to the cold November winds, again and again.

All those leaves of your life that you clung to so tightly, hoping they'd stay green forever - you can let them go brown, let them be scattered and snowed upon.

If you want to be generous this holiday season, look no further than your own deep roots, and how you are offering them into the soil.

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