Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Zen Story of Maurice Sendak

Author Maurice Sendak is dead, but his stories and drawings will live on.

The above snippet felt like an expression of complete activity, with nothing extra. That boy didn't think about the potential value of the drawing Sendak sent him, nor was he attached to keeping it around for any other reason. He saw it, loved it, and ate it. Sendak, too, when receiving the story took it in, loved it, and remembered it fondly years later.

Complete activity with nothing extra. A lot of Zen teachings point to the same thing.


ZenDotStudio said...

great story! goes with the steven colbert interview he did a while back!

Jeanne Desy said...

A lovely story - I laughed with pleasure. It is so interesting to me that great art often seems to be born in dark childhoods....That's all, nothing extra.

Ji Hyang said...

Yes, that is a great Zen story--
one bird, one stone.