Sunday, December 13, 2009

Excellent Online Buddhist Resources

John over at Sweep the Dust, Push the Dirt wrote this informative post about Buddhist magazines, which received some very interesting responses as well, including a detailed critique of the environmental waste of the magazine industry by the editor of the online spiritual magazine Elephant Journal. Although I will continue to read paper magazines (there's just something about holding it in your hands), there are also a lot of great online Buddhist resources available.

Here are some that I particularly enjoy.

1. The Journal of Buddhist Ethics - Highly academic in it's writing, but definitely worth looking at if your interested in intelligent reflections on Buddhist ethics and other issues.

2. The Journal of Global Buddhism - Again, an academic journal, but a wonderful resource for writings about Buddhism around the world. A recent post I made about Brazilian Buddhism was highly influenced by an article from this journal, and I just found another article about Brazilian Buddhism in the journal's archives.

3. Mandala - founded by two Tibetan Buddhist masters, this journal is part of a foundation whose mission is to preserve the Mahayana tradition. The two current feature articles online are entitled "Animal Liberation" and "The Practice of Motherhood." Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

4. Audio Dharma - from Gil Fronsdal's Insight Meditation Center in California, Audio Dharma has dozens of archived dharma talks to listen to from a wide variety of teachers. You'll probably never run out of material if you just went here.

5. Pali Canon Translations - so far, this archive is the most complete I have seen in terms of online translations of the Tipitaka, the foundational teachings of Buddhism and the heart of study for Therevadan Buddhists around the world. Most of us in the other Buddhist schools (Mahayana, Vajrayana, etc.) could have much more awareness of these teachings than we currently do, so go take a look!

6. Sweeping Zen - a website that offers articles, teacher biographies, listings of zen centers around the world, interviews, and more. Lot's of good stuff here.

7. Buddhanet - a thorough Buddhist website with buckets and buckets of resources. It probably has the best library of online Buddhist teachings and texts around.

8. Teaching Letters of Zen Master Seung Sahn - an archive of the wisdom-filled letters of a beloved zen teacher.

9. Suzuki Roshi Dharma Talks - an archive of one of the most well known 20th century Zen Masters. The San Francisco Zen Center continues to add talks to the blog on a regular basis.

10. The Zen Site - has lots and lots of zen teachings, writings on zen history, and other zenny topics. Dogen is highly emphasized, which is much to the joy of all Dogen-philes out there. But there's much more available on this site for those of you who want more than the old, grizzled founder of Soto Zen.

Enjoy swimming in the pond of goodness above!


Anonymous said...

Nice list! I too love how a new (or really) old book feels in my hand and I can't get over the musty smell of a whole room run afoul of books. I also work at a library so I am in heaven most of the day!

I was also psyched to see that Waylon from Elephant Journal posted such an informative and lengthy comment.

I love my online resources too and would love to include these two zen centers that have a great array of Dharma Talks.

San Fransisco Zen Center Dharma Talks

Great Vow Zen Center Dharma Talks

Although both put together barely scratch Gil's talks on AudioDharma and ZenCast!

Also I need to plug my own wiki.

I encourage people to post the resources that they are familiar with in order to aid others in their practice.



Emma said...

thank you for this list!



Sara said...

Lovely list, I'm a bit fan of audio dharma too. Those magazines look interesting, will check them out.

I really like listening to Tara Brach's talks on the Insight Meditation Centre of Washington's website. They also have talks by other Buddhists - including a taping of a day-long retreat with Sharon Salzberg.

For anyone interested in talks by a Theravadan monk, check out Ajahn Brahm's talks on the Buddhist Society of Western Australia website. He is a superb meditation teacher, very highly regarded in the Southern Hemisphere!