Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweeping Zen Needs Your Help

Sweeping Zen, a virtual warehouse of all things Zen, is quickly becoming a great resource for folks interested in the convert Zen world. Adam Tebbe, the editor, has spent countless hours doing interviews with Zen teachers, assembling links to various Zen communities, collecting teacher bios, and many other things. He's currently trying to raise a little money to support hosting the website. His ask is quite modest, and I figured I'd offer my readers an opportunity to help Adam grow this resource.

Here's an excerpt from his current post:

This website has been growing in popularity, which is a wonderful development I’ve been working toward for the last two years. From month to month we receive more visitors and, recently, there has been a huge spike in visitors averaging about 1000 visitors per day this month. That is encouraging and I hope to see this trend continue. The problem may be remedied by a simple cache mechanism being put in place. However, with 72 hours to bring down CPU, my goal is to have a backup plan (ie., dedicated server for hosting). If we garner enough monthly support I will upgrade to a dedicated server as we’ll need one at some point in the future, given the trajectory of statistics.

I have considered adding a pay pal button to Dangerous Harvests, in part because I haven't been working for the last five months, and so money is going out, but not really coming in. Making money on this blog was never on the radar before, and I'm still not terribly concerned about it one way or the other.

But I do like to support my fellow bloggers out there, many of whom graciously share their experiences, research on topics, and questions about life to all of us, and who rarely ask for anything in return. Adam's blog is one of those, so if you have few bucks, send it his way. Thanks.

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Sweeping Zen said...

Thanks so much for reposting this. We met our goal in one day (what record timing, eh?). So immediate needs for funds have ended, as we've been able to purchase one year of VPS with the funds that came in.

It was nice to see how many people value the endeavor. So, no need to send any more bucks unless you'd like to help me continue devoting my energies to the project on a full-time basis. It's a lot of work and work that I love. Thanks to everyone for their generosity.

In gassho,