Friday, April 29, 2011

Buddhist Blogger Round Up

Hi Everyone! The weather is sunny and warming up here, so I don't want to spend all day hanging around on the computer today. However, there are some good blog posts I'd like to share before I head outside to play.

First off, I have written two posts on my new relationship blog, including a different take on the British royal wedding that just occurred. I also have put up a few poems on the creative writing blog since last I mentioned it here, for all those poetry folks out there.

Now, on to other writer's work.

Barbara O'Brien's recent post on perfection and imperfection struck a note. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I always appreciate writings that remind me to let go of some idealized image of life, and live it as it is, mistakes and all.

Algernon has some wise words on the idiocy surrounding President Obama's birth certificate. It's kind of astounding that we're still talking about it, over two years after the guy was elected, but hey, humans are talented at endlessly fixating on bullshit, aren't they?

For all of you history buffs, Kyle's recent post is brimming with interesting stuff about social and political changes that occurred in Buddhist nations as a result of events during World War I.

And finally, Emma over at Chronic Meditator recalls a story about Cambodian Buddhist teacher Maha Ghosananda and the power of group chanting during the worst of times.


Algernon said...

Thanks Nathan!

Kyle said...

Hey thanks for the nod Nathan