Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's Technical Difficulties Mirror Life

So, Blogger, which hosts this blog, has been "sleeping" for about a day and a half. They've had some technical difficulties, which included the disappearance of a post I wrote on my relationship blog, and a few comments on my last post. Such is life I suppose.

Actually, it kind of fits with the last 24 hours for me. Last night, I got to stand in front of class and get deconstructed by my yoga classmates as I did forward folds. A weak spot in my yoga asana practice for sure, but mostly, it was a good opportunity to let go of being "skilled" and "good" at something and just be. In fact, I was probably more off in the demonstration than I normally am, which gave the others a chance to practice their observation skills.

This morning, I started off on my bicycle to go visit a friend from the same yoga training group and about halfway there, I got a flat. Fortunately, I had picked a place to meet on a bus line, so I parked the bike and hopped the bus.

Getting off the bus at the coffee shop I thought we were meeting at, I noticed the address wasn't right. I went in, pulled up the internet, and checked to make sure. Wrong coffee shop. The one I was going to was 8 blocks up the same road, so I left and started walking, getting to the correct destination with more than 20 minutes to spare.

All of this happened with only a minimal of frustration on the bus ride - it's a really slow bus. Mostly, I was just going along, watching things unfold without a need to create a story, especially a catastrophe story, around any of it.

Kind of nice not to go there. Sure made things a lot more easy to accept and even enjoy out of curiosity.


spldbch said...

I commend you on your ability to approach what could have been a very frustrating situation with equanimity. I think about instances like these a lot, especially when I find myself extremely frustrated by them. It feels good not to over-react to things and to just allow them to unfold.

Nathan said...

Yeah, I was really going from one thing to the next, as if it was just a new adventure. Definitely different from how I'd handle it in the past.