Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two Large Vanilla Iced Nirvanas

Two Large Vanilla Iced Nirvanas - I just overheard the guy behind the counter at the coffee shop I'm in shout this statement. I looked up and saw another guy pick up two ice cream drinks and bring them over to a friend sitting at a table. I have written much commentary on here about the ways in which Buddhist terms, phrases, and images have been co-opted by capitalism. But today, just hearing and seeing this, I thought
"how strange! what was that?"

Which actually is pretty similar to a practice I took up awhile back. Asking, and sitting with the question "what is this?"


K Grey said...

How strange? Exactly as strange as naming nirvana in the first place, and less strange than attaching to such names! *L*

Barry said...

I love this kind of thing. I was in the garden store a couple of days ago and the shelves in the gift area were loaded with buddhas and bodhisattvas, all shapes and sizes, for placing in the garden. They wouldn't be there, if there weren't demand - at least, that's how I figure it.

My view is that ordinary people are demanding some Buddhism in their everyday life, even if it's a sweet, cold, tasty version!

katiejay said...

Yummmm...Nirvana while it lasts.Why be upset at the label when the real experience may be delicious!