Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Earthquake

I've been offline for the last 24 hours, and have no TV, so I didn't hear until now about the earthquake in Chile. A few hundred have died - nothing like what happened in Haiti - but still plenty of damage and suffering to go around. John over at Sweep the Dirt, Push the dust has some links, as does Richard over at My Buddha is Pink. And now there are also tsunami warnings out for Hawaii. Metta and peace to everyone in Chile and in Hawaii.


Bruce Behnke said...

Thank you for radiating metta to those in Chile and Hawaii.

Here in Hawaii, after the warnings were issued, a kind of peace descended on the Islands. Government officials advised to "prepare for the worst and hope for the best." People stayed at home. The roads were empty, the shopping malls closed, and most every event was cancelled. In a way, it was a gift of four hours of quiet and reflection.

The tsunami we experienced was not at all damaging. Normal activities resumed by mid-afternoon. I went to a birthday party in the evening, yet peoples' quiet, thoughtful demeanor seemed to linger on.

Let us all continue our metta meditation for the people of Chile.

Nathan said...

Glad folks in Hawaii are safe. And yes, let's keep sending metta to Chile, Haiti, and other places hit hard by natural disasters.