Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life As a Human Magazine

I'm now writing for a new online magazine, Life as a Human. Out of British Columbia, Canada, Life as a Human just started publishing a slate of international writers yesterday. Here's a little more about the magazine from it's mission statement:

Life As A Human is a social hub for all aspects of the human experience. We cultivate good writing that illustrates our humanity in unique ways through compelling stories that defy categorization. You’ll have a hard time labeling our articles – but you’ll want to share them with everyone.

We are an intercultural gathering place for writing that moves and inspires; a venue for the authentic voice, regardless of that voice’s age or perspective. Sure, we will feature topics like running, gardening and business, but our writers bring to light fascinating insights about their subject matter to reveal – the essence of life in all its layers.

The website has wonderful photography, a clean, engaging layout, and lots of interesting articles already. Check out my work, and the rest of the writing available there.

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