Monday, March 22, 2010

Pissed Off Cat Teaches About Life and How to Live It

Head over to Life as a Human for my new post. It features my mother's cranky old cat and a short meditation on spring, gardens, and life. Here's a teaser for you:

"She’s less high strung now than in the past, and is more likely to at least attempt to be friendly or curious, even if she can’t quite get herself to go the whole way.

It makes me wonder if like a lot of us – cats and other animals – get tired of holding on and just let go of whatever crap we are hanging on to as well. I’m not about to claim to know what cats think about, or how their minds work exactly. People love to think they know animals well, but most of us don’t, and sadly we seem all too ready to slide into reductionist thinking about animals — assuming that they’re just a bundle of desires and cravings."


Matt Simonsen said...

Fables of the Reconstruction! (or is it "Reconstruction of the Fables"?) REM-puss.

Nathan said...

:) I love that album!