Thursday, March 11, 2010

Social Dukkha and Buddhist Practice

My new post over at Life as a Human addresses the concept of "social dukkha," and how I see it as essential that our practice is not only individual in frame, but contemplates, considers, and sometimes confronts social issues that impact individuals and collectives. Here's a few paragraphs:

I think it’s foolish of us, especially if we believe in the view that there is no solid, fixed self or “I,” to place all our eggs in the individual basket. Any one person’s suffering or joy is a product of a complex uprising of causes and conditions, some of which one might be personally responsible for, but which also include others that are much bigger than any one person.

No one person, no matter how powerful, is responsible for bringing about war, for example. Or environmental destruction, or patterns of patriarchy, or racism, or sexism, heterosexism, or any other number of social ills that infiltrate and effect our lives on a daily basis.

For more, check out the link provided.

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