Monday, April 19, 2010

Buddhist Blogosphere

Today, a round up of quality posts for your reading pleasure. First, check out my new post over at Life as a Human about Granny D and social action. Gotta love Granny D!

Next, here's a great post on gardening and intimacy by Genju at 108ZenBooks. Here is a snippet to wet your palate.

I find now a tiny book on my shelf that helps secure the relationship: Teachings of the Insentient by John Daido Loori.

In general, our ecology is based on separation. The teachings (of the Buddhadharma) are about intimacy.

Often when we take on these endeavors, I feel desperate to save things. Save the rose garden, the vegetable garden, the strawberries growing helter-skelter on the fringes of both. Pull every weed, sweep every shaving and dessicated leaf. Sometimes, I’m not sure if I’m saving the garden from damage or forcing a change so I don’t have to see or feel damage. I think in past years, this desperation has prevented intimacy and the reason is ridiculously obvious. Saviours require victims (usually) – a relationship that precludes true intimacy because it is one of power over another. Intimacy requires nothing other than a willingness to be with just what is.

Next is a follow up post Daishin made recently concerning right action and homeless folks. Her original post sparked one by me, which then sparked another by Adam over at Home Brew Dharma. The interconnectedness of the internet in full action.

If you want to study the monkey mind up close, especially that part of it which always wants to be right, step over to Brad Warner's recent post on zazen posture, and read the comments section. People often say "Oh, I have enough drama in my life. I don't need that." Well, maybe. But do you study that drama? Do you see it's roots? And if so, why the hell haven't you plucked them yet? :)

And finally, please check out John's post on ways to help those impacted by the recent earthquake in Tibet. I haven't written about it primarily because so many other Buddhist bloggers have done a good job covering what's going on. Metta to all those suffering over there, as well as to the people of Haiti, and of Chile, still recovering from their own quakes.

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