Monday, April 26, 2010

What's Feeds Your Spirit?

Our old friend Marcus, who used to have his own blog, is now part of a cool, new group blog, Wake Up and Laugh!. This morning's post, by Chong Go Sumin, is worth quoting in whole:

The great Korean Buddhist teacher Hanam Sunim (1876-1951) once said that the things we do in our lives either brighten our minds, or darken them. (He said that there’s really no neutral ground, just effects that are too subtle for us to notice.)

I thought of this the other day, when I came across this great line :

Another washing machine, a bigger car, a nicer house to live in? Not much to feed the spirit in all that. (Bangkok Tattoo, 179)

So here’s an open question for everyone: What feeds your spirit?

I suppose some out there might squabble with the word "spirit" - ok, check. Now, move on and reflect on the question.

Here's a short list for myself.

1. Gardening, even the "tedious" parts like weeding.

2. Researching and learning new things.

3. Breathing fresh air.

4. Conversation and time with loved ones.

5. Writing and art.

6. Hiking.

7. Bodies of water.

8. Watching squirrels, cats, and other "wild" animals.

9. Outdoor meditation

How about you?


Jeanne Desy said...

I won't do my long list - this is a wonderful exercise, though - just one thing: my house plants. I love caring for them and having them do well. The orchid Susan gave me is blooming again. The angelwings begonia a gardener gave us years ago on a garden tour, it has come up with a little hanging bloom. And I recently indulged in a little pink polka dot plant. It is like a pretty child to me.

Daniel @ Campinas said...

watching (my) kids at play..

Unknown said...

Music, particularly soaring classical music in my case

Nathan said...

Thanks, all, for sharing. I've been noticing this question coming up for me over the past day, and helping me shift away from complaining and dourness. Gotta like that!