Monday, May 24, 2010

A Sangha of Writers

I have a new post over at Life as a Human about meditation and Lake Superior. Check it out.

Also, if you get a chance to pick up the current issue of Inquiring Mind, our center's head teacher, Byakuren Judith Ragir, has an article on addiction I'd like to direct your attention to. After three and half years of focused attention on leading our sangha back to a healthy place, she's finally got some time and energy to do other projects.

Finally, another member of our sangha, Tracy, started a new blog last month. If you like poetry, biking, and a little dharma, you should take a look!

* The photo above is of the center of our zendo. Once a warehouse building, the Northern Warehouse is now a community of artists, a few non-profits, a noodle shop, a coffee shop, and one Zen Center. Pretty cool, eh?


Algernon said...

The photos of your zendo are so wonderful. It looks like a great room.

Tracy Sides said...

I appreciate the 'shout-out,' Nathan. And as a fellow Zen Center board member resonate with the comments in your previous post about the last meeting and our ongoing work. Thanks for your leadership.

Chong Go Sunim said...

Hi Nathan. Great pictures of your zendo. I especially like the caligraphy on the wall. In Korea it's read as "action," as in putting practice into action and manifesting it in the world.