Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stumble Upon Sangha?

Have spent the past hour or so setting up a new account at Stumble Upon, which is a social networking site that lets you link to anything you want on the internet. It seems like a cool way for us bloggers to get more traffic, discover new websites and blogs, and maybe even meet new people.

You can check out my profile here. I have linked to a few of my fellow Buddhist blogger posts, and plan to do so more in the future. Maybe a few of you will join me?

Anyway, enjoy!

p.s. You can read more about the Buddha image above here.


Algernon said...

I checked out StumbleUpon but felt intimidated. I sort of, and only sort of, have Blogger figured out. And I'm good with the email. That's about it. Internet applications bewilder me.

Nathan said...

Hi Algernon,

I hear ya. I somehow have developed an understanding of some of this stuff - mostly through repeated trying (and a lot of messing up :)