Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Buddhist Blogger Round Up

While I have been fixated on natural disasters - maybe you all missed the recent earthquake in Burma - there's been other things going on in the blogosphere.

Please keep Jeanne, from over at the blog The Dalai Grandma in your thoughts and prayers. She has had a lot of health challenges in recent years, and currently is struggling.

Over at Open Buddha is a post about the continued game playing of Genpo Roshi. Is he a Zen teacher or not? Is he stepping down or not? Is anyone going to do anything or not? The whole thing has gotten tiring, but if you're interested, there's also an excellent analysis here that includes some pointed remarks about the persistence of sexism in convert Zen circles.

Algernon has a good post on the U.S. role in Lybia, and particularly how it's being framed by the Obama Administration.

Maia Duerr's new blog, The Liberated Life Project, has been a treat to see unfold. Her current article takes lessons learned while being a non-profit executive director and applying them to one's life in general. It's worth a read.

Daishin offers a good reminder to us all that you'll have to check out if you are curious.

And finally, Nate over at Precious Metal takes up the dicey question "Is rebirth relevant?"

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy!


Mumon K said...

Your post's topics is why I kind of thought of broadened topics for "Buddhist blogging" of late.

My last 2 posts don't talk about Buddhist countries, military adventures, Genpo Roshi or rebirth.

But thanks for the update.

Mumon K said...

PS-Style tip -deprecate the use of "Roshi"- Merzel lost, IMO, right to the title which means "Old Teacher."

Nathan said...

Yeah, I agree. The whole Genpo situation has gotten beyond ridiculous - the titles I'd like to give him right now are all just insults. So, I'm just letting whatever I said in the past on the issue be my voice.

Mumon K said...


So, I'm just letting whatever I said in the past on the issue be my voice.

No problem. You've got a Big Heart...unless that's trademarked. :-)

Nathan said...

"Big Heart" - Thanks. I sure hope that isn't trademarked, but these days, who knows.