Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake: Blogosphere Round Up

As many of you probably know, a massive earthquake and tsunami have hit Japan, killing hundreds. The Buddhist blogosphere has a fair number of members in it from Japan, so I took a look around to see if there is any news to share.

Jundo Cohen over at Treeleaf Zendo reported:

We lost part of the roof, this and that ... but it's just stuff. Everyone okay.

No power, so may be out of touch for awhile.

Land moves, heart is still.

Gassho, Jundo

Joseph at Somewhere in Dhamma puts in a plea to keep blogger Marcus in our thoughts and prayers.

Most of the Buddhist blogging community knows Marcus from his former blog, Marcus’ Journal, and from his current writing on Wake Up and Laugh.

He’s been a special friend to me since we met through Chong Go Sunim’s Saturday talks and taking our precepts together at Hanmaum.

Recently, Marcus moved to Tokyo, and I’d just like to ask everyone to include some thoughts that he and his family are safe and together, along with your thoughts for all those also affected by the earthquake.

Thank you.

Here are some bloggers commenting on Facebook:

Markus Uku Laitinen reports that Zen teacher Gudo Nishijima and family are fine.

Danny Fisher reports "I'm really happy that my old pal Alister Zenryo Kim and his family are safe in Japan."

Rachel Ishiguro reports "So far, my friends and family in HI and Japan have felt some big tremblors, but everyone is OK. Still worried about a couple of friends of friends."

If anyone else has anything to report, feel free to comment.

May everyone in Japan be freed from suffering.
May they be happy, and may they heal.
Peace and blessings.


They call him James Ure said...

Glad to hear Jundo is o.k. -- I like what he said about the land moves but the heart stays still. I posted some amazing video footage from the quake and tsunami over at The Buddhist Blog:

Thanks for compiling all these in one post Nathan.

Claudia said...

Nathan this is so devastating, my heart reaches out ...

Pike riddle said...

Seismic activity is the result of a solar flare on 13-15 February 2011.
The largest number of thermographs (Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras), to search for people under the rubble by fixing heat of the human body, have the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Мost of these cameras mounted on military equipment. Some quantity of IR cameras have their manufacturers in warehouses.
Dubai can help to Japan more than any other. because in Dubai is concentrated 20% of construction equipment (mostly cranes) that may needed to clearing concrete rubble.
Аdequate logistics for the delivery of this equipment has the U.S. Army and the operating companies of largest aircrafts An-124.

Joseph Bengivenni said...

Thank you, Nathan.

I'll post a note when Chong Go Sunim or I hear from Marcus. Sunim figures it might be a few days, he has bigger things to deal with than getting to a computer room, right now!

Joseph said...

Marcus has just sent out a group email, he and his family are all safe.

Thank you.

Nathan said...

Glad to hear the good news about Marcus.