Saturday, July 4, 2009

Short Meditation on Compassion

As for compassion, I have come to view it in a much more complex way than I did before I started praticing. Compassion takes many forms, depending on the context. Sometimes, it’s a very soft and gentle presence. Sometimes, it’s a fierce call to wake up or to stop doing what you’ve been doing. Sometimes, it’s a long discussion that contains a request to change some deep seated habit. And sometimes, it’s just silence while another blathers on and on until they have exausted all the storylines.

I really believe we have to stop viewing compassion as solely a kindly grandmother always ready to feed us milk and cookies. I think of my own great grandmother right now, who just turned 100, and how her sometimes fierce, sometimes gentle brand of compassion continues to inspire me to experiment with life, and let go of hard, fixed meanings.

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