Saturday, June 9, 2012

Joys of Our Ancestors

I remember sitting with my great grandmother two summers ago on the back porch, chatting a little bit and mostly, sitting in silence listening to the birds. When we did talk, the conversation was basic. Nothing really "profound" was said. And there was a sharing that went beyond words, regardless of whether we were talking or not. I'm not sure I ever asked great grandma what she though of the world today, and she's gone now. However, I know that one of her favorite things to do was to play cards with family and fiends. Sitting around a table chatting, goofing off, and occasionally cheating (more than once, that needed ace or king "magically" appeared from under the table) - that was the good life to her. Nothing fancy. No designer gadgets. No virtual game systems. Sound systems.

If we don't remember the joys of our ancestors, we'll lose apart of ourselves. Our lives cross all of space and time, if only we'd let them.

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spldbch said...

Good post! Our standards for being "entertained" are so high these days. And it seems like we expect to be entertained all the time. My Grandma taught the grandkids to play Rummy when we were little. We used to play at her house and whenever we went on vacation. She helped us paint shells we collected on the beach. She knew a thing or two about finding joy in the little things.