Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! Remember, You are Not Separate From All that Is

Happy Earth Day everyone! Yes, it's a symbolic holiday, but at least it's an annual reminder. Maybe we should say it everyday, to keep the consumeristic slugs inside each of our heads in check enough to have a healthy planet to live with in the future.

I have a new post that speaks a little to all of this over at Life as a Human. Being "right" with the earth is, in my view, both about what you do as an individual and also what we do collectively. In addition, in true Buddhist spirit, it all comes back to how we think about life on this little rock in space. The more we see how interdependent things are, the better in my view. Because from that understanding has, and will continue to spring the actions, or non-actions, needed to have a healthy planet for all beings.

Adam over at Home Brew Dharma also has a good post about sometime most of us privileged folks take for granted: water. All the privatization going on out there is biting us in the ass, and will only get worse if we keep selling off the rights and control of our water sources. Water and profit making shouldn't be mixed. (Yes, not hard hitting analysis, but if you need hard hitting analysis to understand this, you best get yourself a ladder because the hole you're living in is too deep for me to dig you out of.)

*photo above is looking out on Lake Superior.

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Adam said...

Thanks for the mention Nathan. Yeah, something I didn't touch on was the commercialization aspect of drinking water, and how third-world countries are at the mercy of the IMF and World Bank for their drinking water. It's a tragic situation, and one we might see a mass uprising over. I'm planning on blogging about it at some point in the future.