Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Buddhist News

Top Ten U.S. Buddhist News Headlines for the Week of December 7th

10. Scientists declare Copenhagen the city with the hottest air for the month of December.

9. McDonalds unveils new McHatsu hamburger just in time for the holidays.

8. Eighty nine year old corn farmer finally sees the morning star.

7. Zen teacher Brad Warner blamed for first winter snowstorm in St. Paul, Minnesota.

6. The U.S. Government gives Monsanto a patent for their genetically modified Bodhi Tree.

5. Monsanto declares their Bodhi Tree will enlighten the entire world.

4. Sales of autographed Tiger Woods zafus and zubutans slip sharply.

3. Cease-Fire announced by silence of bloggers in online civil war with Tricycle magazine.

2. Tricycle pens anonymous blog post in response.

And the Number 1 headline for the week of December 7th:

Buddhist blogger Kyle is outed as a squirrel.


Algernon said...

Tomorrow's headline: Monsanto sues Buddhists who sit under their own bodhi trees.

NellaLou said...

re:#2 & 3

Am going to have a lottery with the new issue. Going to cut it in pieces, put them in a bin and either a)whichever article I pull out gets "The Treatment" or b)walk away

May have to toss a coin between a) and b)

ps. verification word "freaken" Too much LOL.