Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foggy Inside and Out

I was kind of shocked at how agitated I felt all morning, and into the afteroon. There were a few external triggers, but nothing really all that serious. In fact, the school has been fairly quiet today - not the usual noisy chaos we seem to have. So, I wondered what was going on.

Around the middle of my first class, I did a few yoga poses. Felt very stiff and my brain was foggy. Then, a few hours later, I came into the office and saw one co-worker on the floor franticly looking for a piece of paper. Another co-worker was wandering around without any seeming purpose. And a third was doing a few yoga poses at her chair and complaining about feeling stiff.

I looked outside and saw the fog, and very damp streets. After two weeks of subzero weather, it's finally warm out and the snow is slowly melting. Maybe all the muck that's built up within our bodies - every flinch at the frigid wind and cuss word muttered at the cold that was stored in the body is now slowly dripping out of each of us.

Or maybe not, but anyone that says the weather doesn't affect them is surely lying.

*photo from Strathmore, CA Union Elementary School Website

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Jeanne Desy said...

I agree. My friend who studies the Ayurvedic tradition believes we need to eat differently in each season, do everything differently. Surely there is a warming cocktail titled The London Fog.